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Modern Vintage mixed-metals cuff bracelet by Judith Jansen, c. 1980s. Matching Artisan necklace available too.

$65 + shipping

Handsome Sterling Vermiel Cigar Band wide ring with large Amber oval bezeled cabstone, 9 Grams, Adjustable, Marked .925 and Hallmarked.

 $110 + shipping

Brighton Leather Belt Buckle-Bracelet with Silver Heart Conchas, adjustable.

$35 + shipping

Mexico Sterling Enamel Butterfly brooch, 2 1/2-inches, signed Mexico 925. Big Beauty!
$58 + shipping
Wedgewood Blue Jasper Sterling Brooch, 2 1/8-inches, signed.
$68 + shipping

Vintage Bakelite and Brass Big Stretchie Cuff c. 1940s, Marbled Spinach Green.

$86 + shipping

"Weiss" style vintage Catalin/Thermoset
hinged clamper bracelet in cream with
aurora rhinestones, matching clip-back
earrings, c.1950s. Excellent condition
$125 + shipping
Gold-tone vintage side-hinged bracelet
with enamel floral and leaf motif inset
design front and etched gold borders
$65 + shipping

Sterling, enamel and marcasites
vintage floral bouquet brooch c.
$62 + shipping

Hand-crafted Judith Jansen
mixed-metals Artisan collar
necklace in
brass, copper and
silver abstract, c. 1980s
$95 + shipping

Moonglow Lucite pastel cabstones, vintage silvery base metal floral brooch c. 1940s
$45 + shipping

Vintage Staret (Schraeger) Butterfly brooch, 

silvery base metal and large oval paste

foilback rhinestones, c. 1940s  

$115 + shipping

Brass filigree ball charms, vintage '30s longer-length choker
$58 + shipping
Heavy faceted Amethyst glass beads, styled as a two-tiered Choker with large Rhinestone closure.
$65 + shipping

Vintage carved Bakelite Pendant with high relief Celluloid Cameo inset

$115 + shipping

Bakelite Strawberry Drops Brooch, Celluloid Leaves.    
$295 + shipping

Mechanical Clown Pop-Up Charm Pendant,
c. 1930s      

$48 + shipping

Vintage gold-filled bangle bracelet, Rhodolite Garnet glass ovals
$72 + shipping

Impressive big Bakelite and Brass rectangle brooch, mythical creature design, vintage 1940s

$125 + shipping

Exotic Cinnebar vintage bangle bracelet with deep-carved winding twin-Dragons design, about 5/8"wide
$58 + shipping

Elegant Victorian Lavalier in 14k gold with natural pearls, 14k gold fine chain, c.1900.

$145 + shipping